Are Bed Made Out of Logs Any Good?

If you have ever shopped for furniture, then you may have come across beds that are made out of logs. They certainly look very attractive, and have a rustic look to them. These type of beds are usually found in cabins that are out in the wood, and if you are nature lover like me, then I can say that you are certainly going to like this type of bed for sure.

These beds are called rustic log beds, or just log beds, and they are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. One of the best things about this bed is that they are made entirely out of logs that are properly cut to shape. These beds look good. However, are they really good? Let us find out.


The log happens to be one of the sturdiest type of wood that you can come across, and if you are concerned about the log beds not being sturdy enough, don’t worry. These beds are super sturdy, and will work for the most part. There is nothing wrong with investing in these beds at all, as you can definitely rest easy on them without having to worry about the bed breaking.

No Harmful Chemicals

In most cases, the log that is used in log beds is not chemically treated. Which means that you really do not have to worry about having any harmful chemicals in the room or on your skin. These beds are really good and work well for the most part. So, you should invest in them without any issue whatsoever, and I can assure you that you will actually enjoy these beds as well, thanks to their solid, all natural construction.

Keep Your Mattress in Pristine Condition

People are pretty careless when it comes to taking care of their mattresses and they do not seem to care whether they spill anything on it or damage it in some other way. We all know that good mattresses do not come cheap and if you somehow damage the springs of the mattress then it will not provide you the right sort of comfort so if you do not wish to spend extra money and wish to retain the comfort, you would take care of the mattress.

We’re all humans and we tend to make mistakes so let us move on to how you can reverse those mistakes or just be careful with your mattress at all times.

Mattress Protector

As soon as you buy your mattress, make sure that you get a mattress protector for it and keep it on all the time because if you remove the mattress protector, you are exposing your mattress to all sorts of germs, dirt and nasty things. When a mattress is being slept on and used, all body sweat, oil, food crumbs and dust is going directly into the mattress which hurries along the deterioration of it and the only way that you can protect your mattress is if you keep the mattress protector on and never take it off.


It is recommended by that you clean the mattress according to the instruction of the manufacturer but if you do not know how to follow it properly then we would advise that you ask the seller of the mattress to explain the whole thing to you. If a spill takes place, make sure that you clean it immediately and wash your bed linens every single week so that nothing bad seeps through and into the mattress.

High Quality Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

Shopping for household items related to bedroom such as mattress, pillow, and bed sheet can be a tiresome experience if you don’t exactly know what you have to look for. Most of these items are used to add comfort and luxury to our life, and enhance our sleeping experience. When you are looking for mattress for your home there are many factors that can impact the buying decision such as budget, bodyweight, and sleeping. According many surveys most people are back sleepers and side sleepers whereas only a few percentage prefers to sleep on their stomach. The hips and back of this kind of sleeper are facing upwards so most of the pressure is over their belly and neck.

If you sleep on your stomach every night, then there is a chance that you might have difficulty breathing because of the constant pressure over your ribs. When the mattress is too cloudy, this may feel soothing to your face but it can actually be deadly for your spine. If the material of the mattress if not firm enough to hold your spine in its neutral position this can create several skeletal issues as you grow old. It should be firm enough to keep you from sinking in but soft enough to relive pressure away from your neck. For the best and most relevant reviews on mattresses for stomach sleepers, visit the webpage of Sleep Ask at

Many stomach sleepers have bad habit of keeping their face towards the same direction for long period of time without tilting it in opposite direction. This constant stretching position poses threat of straining your neck and the nerves that run within it. Choosing the right type of mattress would allow you to take restful sleep without any disturbance.